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Overpriced Latte

I may have written something like this over the past 257 posts,

I am not certain.

So if I have,

well it's only because today isn't the first time I've stopped to share ~

with someone standing at a street light asking for money.

I can't imagine for the life of me that this grown man,

well into his 50's,

wanted this.

No child says "when I grow up I wasn't to be the man begging at the side of the road".

And who am I to judge.

Or be concerned with where he's going to spend the money that I would easily not think twice about tossing down for an over priced latte.

But that's neither here nor there.

That is not the point of what I am wanting to share.

As I was pulling towed the green light,

out of a shopping centre,

I saw a man standing with a cup and a sign.

Seeing him up ahead I started to slow down,

despite that it was a green light

at which I would be turning left.

I looked in my rear view mirror

and saw a man

in his luxury vehicle

rolling his eyes impatiently at my braking.

No disrespect for the luxury vehicle,

heck we own a luxury vehicle.

I'm only painting a picture for you.

So my slowing down of the traffic,

caught us all at a red light.

So, as planned,

I rolled down my window to share.

And was met with a

"bless you" and

"you have a good day... Everyday!".

But the thing that made me smile

even more


the man in the luxury vehicle

who was now leaning over in his vehicle

to reach for something

to share.

It shows,

kindness is mirrored.

So Be Kind.

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