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Page 365

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

This is it.

Page Three Hundred and Sixty Five.

I did it.

I actually f'n did it!

I set out with a goal,

That was based on a blurry vision,

that sat stagnate for over a year.

Until one sentence

of inspiration

brought me to this commitment

to myself

and to those who read this.

For all of the messages


words of confidence

and encouragement

that I received over the year

about this blog

from people I know


from strangers whom I don't,

I truly thank you

from the bottom of my heart.

This wasn't always easy.

To all of those people

who messaged me

or spoke to me


that I was their inspiration...

That I inspired them

to follow their dreams,

to make a commitment to themselves...


Just Wow!

And Thank you!

I am so glad I could be a part of that for you

in any little way.

If by simply facing my fears,

I was able to help you face yours...

every minute that I spent writing this was worth it.

Your words,

the words that you shared with me,

which may have been hard to do,

are words

that I hold deep in my heart

with a warmth that I will never forget.

It's amazing the things that you learn

about life

and about people

when you go out on a limb.

When you Deviate from the routine.

Stray from the 'normal' mundane.

This commitment was at times a challenge.

I have a friend who was in tune with those days

and she let me know it.

But Always with love.

I learned that support doesn't always come from the places

that you think it will.

And as disappointing as that is,

the strong uplifting support

that comes from the places that you didn't expect

warms your heart more than you could ever imagine.

I learned that some

people who I thought were friends

are actually just colleagues or acquaintances.

And colleagues and acquaintances that I thought were just that,

are actually friends.

And don't read into this by thinking there was some big fall out in my life.

Or any dramatic events.

There wasn't.

It's just that this year I was more in-tune.

I paid attention more ~

to the subtleties.

I was more insync with myself

then I have been in a very long time.

Or perhaps even ever.

And when that cohesiveness between your head

and your heart

aligns with your soul,

you see things that perhaps you couldn't before.

And that's ok.

Being an adult isn't always easy.

Some truths are hard

and some truths hurt.

But the truths that fill your heart,

the truths that bring the joy,

the truths that bring a smile to your face

when you're sitting in a room all alone,

the truth of those people...

they are the people that you need in your life.

They fill the voids.

They shelter the crevices.

They are the stilts that hold you up.

And Those people,

they are the gold.

This year was a year of growth.

A year of change.

A year of chasing dreams

and crushing goals.

But was this year everything that I wanted it to be?

Was it everything that I needed?

Could I have made it better?

Could I have done more?

Tomorrow marks the New Chapter of the next 365 Pages.

So this blog will still be here.

I'm not going anywhere.

And I’ll be sure to try to Write a good one.

Happy New Year!


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