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PAGE 9 ~ Easy Like Sunday Morning

Sunday mornings are filled with hope, introspection and opportunity.

(Well most Sunday mornings, the Sunday’s that I don’t have to race out the door to work.)

Most Sunday mornings for me our Quiet. Peaceful. Purposeful... a necessity of life.

Everyone else in the house sleeps in, even our Hu-dog Hazel. I call her HU-dog because I swear, we all swear, that she has HU-man eyes. She has a relatable old soul in those hazel eyes. She’s a sweet, wise, little granny on the inside… living in the shell of a gorgeous, beautiful dog.

It was her her story that had a few friends prompting me to write a blog… so I guess that was where the first seed for this blog idea was planted. More specifically, one wise Southern Belle gave me the courage to really contemplate the idea, so thank you to her for that. But Hazel’s incredible story is for another time.

Sunday mornings are filled with hot coffee, 90’s acoustic playing loudly through my ear buds, my journal, a note book and then inevitably me at my laptop writing.

Music is a beautiful remedy for my soul. It always has been, ever since I was a little girl. SO many significant moments in my life, that are now memories are solidified in my brain by music.

90’s acoustic music opens a creative gate within my mind and soul.

It touches a part of me that perhaps never had the chance to fully blossom ~ as cheesy as that may sound, I think it’s real. Introspection can do that; Bring out the real and raw, the good and the bad. The what if?

So at this point of my life I’m done pondering, I’m doing.

I’ve always thought it to be amazing how one chord of a song can trigger a specific memory for me. The same memory to the same song EVERY SINGLE TIME it plays. This basically occurs for every single song that I hear from the 90’s. I’m not sure if this is the same for some people? It really doesn’t seem to be the case for many that I personally know.

I worked with a colleague for fifteen years who truly knows my little music idiosyncrasies. Because of the comfort I had with her, any phrase that reminded me of a song, I’d sing it. Not saying I sang well, but I sang none the less. It was a bit of lightness to the heaviness of being a nurse in the ER. I made her laugh. Thinking of her… we haven’t spoke in a very long time, except for the last Facebook comment she posted on my wall;“Always a song, right Jodi”. Or something like that.

I think I just realized my introspective purpose behind this post today…

it’s to reach out to someone I haven’t spoke with in a very long time. I mean really ‘spoke with’, not just comments and likes on social media that is supposedly considered conversation.

So that is what I’m going to do on this Easy Like Sunday Morning, I’m going to reach out to someone who I haven’t really connected with in a very long time.

And my hope for you today, is to take the opportunity to do the same.


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