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Updated: Jan 2, 2022

So this is it. This is my blog. Little pieces of me. An eclectic variety of topics. I mean, how can I decide on One Blog topic, when I can’t even decide on One Career. There is so much that I want to do. So much that I have done. So here I sit, hoping to engage with you about everything that is life.

When I wrote that, I was sitting on a plane at the tail end of the third wave of a pandemic. Flying home from across the country. Like many I had been wondering about life & all of it’s little pieces. Having been recently redeployed to work in a temporary Covid ICU, I must admit, I was still shaken by it all. So I was reflecting about life’s little pieces and how one piece connects to the other. How certain pieces alter & shift & guide you into a direction and down a path that you never thought you’d give yourself permission to walk upon.

If you were to stand back & look at your life as a jigsaw puzzle… what would you see? Would you smile at the picture in front of you? Would you laugh? Would you cry? Would you do all of those things?

How many of you would stand back & see the puzzle is incomplete? That there are some pieces missing. You look under the table and see only one piece has fallen to the floor, and that piece alone does not complete the picture. Those missing pieces, those empty spaces, are still the unknown, the pieces that you feel within yourself are still missing.… and I believe we start to find them when we give ourselves permission to listen and honour our own voice.

So I listened to myself, I gave myself permission to jump into a creative world that I am super passionate about.

A colleague loosely said to me “you’re crazy” with regard to giving up a full time work position to be a full time student. She wasn’t being vicious or serious regarding the word used. I get what she meant. I was going against the grain. Against the mindset to work in one career all your life, cash in on your pension to retire and THEN live. So I politely nodded. But Am I ’crazy’ though? I think not. Isn‘t life supposed to be about growing and evolving and chasing ALL of your goals and dreams? If you have more than one passion that motivates you, then go get It! Don’t settle.

Doing the same thing day in and day out when you have other things that speak to you and resonate with you, well that... that is something that I could no longer do.

So I hope, that this New Year brings you love, happiness, health and the strength to give yourself permission to follow your dreams too.

I’m crossing my fingers for us all. 💫

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