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Updated: Jan 7, 2022

This Challenge I’ve set for myself… writing One Page a Day for 365 Days for the world to read, is not an easy feat. Today I find myself contemplating what to write because the first few thing that popped into my mind this morning is possibly too much of a “touchy” subject. And frankly, a subject that most people are tired of, a topic that is not filled with positivity, the battle of “Covid”.

Part of me would love to share my personal experiences and my nursing experiences, but to be honest the other part of me is downright apprehensive to broach this topic. So, I’ll refrain. I’ll put this up on a shelf and take it down another time.

What I will share today is my frustration with my inability to sleep an entire night. I‘m exhausted today. I’m a terrible sleeper.

Every little movement or sound in our home wakes me. Sometimes my vivid dreams wake me. Often planning my goals wakes me. Since September, my creative mind wakes me repeatedly ~ my scripts, beat sheets, outlines, old story lines, new story lines, a change in story lines, all of those gears just won’t Quit.

I read every night to clear my mind, it helps me drift off. But as I mentioned, often when I fall to sleep, I have a hard time staying asleep. I was recently asked if I listen to ambient noise, at the suggestion that it may help. You know what my ambient noise is…. My husbands CPAP!

What’s even more impressive, is that he has developed the skill to snore over and above the “ambient noise” of his C PAP.

How is that possible?!

As if the Darth Vader C PAP wasn’t irritating enough, he’s now combined it with the snore that prompted the machine in the first place. I’m irritated in the middle of the night because the machine that helps him sleep in a “healthy” way keeps me the fk awake!

Heathy for him = Unhealthy for me. I’m sure some of you can relate to this!

And when I manage to fall asleep & he then rolls over to face me…. I’m woken by hurricane wind in my face!

Not only are these clever little devices noisy and dreadfully unattractive, they’re little windstorms! Don’t get me wrong, I do empathize with his need to embrace his Darth Vader mask at night. I know it’s important. And necessary. I’m not minimizing that in the least. And I do realize he needs an adjustment on his device settings.… but he won’t listen to me about that.

And if I don’t laugh about this, I might just cry.

I just want a little sleep. Yours in sleep deprivation,


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