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Page Twenty Three

It's been twenty three days of commitment.

Twenty three days of challenge.

Twenty three days of sharing.

Twenty three days of doing something that will hopefully thread to something greater.

We are only as great as our efforts.

No words can express my gratitude for the support that this little self challenge has received.

I am filled with warmth.

An amazing thing that has come out this so far, is the impact of inspiration.

I am beyond appreciative for the honest conversations that I have had with others that have been sparked by this blog.

I am filled with joy knowing that my little commitment to my writer self, has in turn sparked commitment that others have made to themselves.

THANK you so much for sharing your truth and honesty with me.

And Congratulations to you, for honouring you.

And thank you for inspiring me.

Page 23 of 365

sleep well


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