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Pam Call My Mom

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Have we ever discussed the topic of Man Cold before?

I myself have never had a Man Cold.

Have you?

I mean,

I swear

it has to be a legitimate affliction.

It's a known thing.


they've even made commercials about it.

I suppose they were in humour.

But that's not the point.

Or perhaps it is.

Exactly the point.

A man or person can have a multitude of real harsh illnesses

that afflict their body

all at one time.

Old diagnosis.

Meshed with new diagnosis.

A mishmash of cluster f#<k.

Combined at the same time.

And he just brushes it off

and says

"I'm good".

While I'm kinda flipping the heck out.

But see same man catch a cold...

Watch Out.

Groaning, moaning, sniffling, whining.

Perhaps a little weeping?

All the "ings" stuffed into one package of an irritable human.

The point is that we can all relate to someone we know

that can orchestrate the dynamics of the Man Cold

better than an acclaimed maestro.

I am currently living with said man.

And he gets all of my empathy


#1 ~ I am a good Human

but mostly because

#2 ~ I am a good Nurse.

And he knows how to play that like a fiddle.

Kudos to him.

Standing Ovation.

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