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Part Six of Seven


When I finally see him lying in the recovery room, he looks so pale and seemingly so small. He has never looked more helpless to me. He does not hear me as I enter, he does not know that I am watching. His eyelids flutter and then they finally open. His eyes, his face, his entire being light up when he sees me, like the happiness in the eyes of a child on Christmas morning. And in that moment, no matter what he knows or why he was out, I know that I am forgiven. It takes my breath away. I wonder where my love for him had gone, or when it left because at this moment it is all that, I feel. It overwhelms me.

“What if I didn’t wake up, what would you do, what would the boys do?” his voice a scratchy whisper, the only words he speaks.

“But you did.” I whisper as my eyes fill with tears.

And, so have I.

To be continued...

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