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This headshot is associated to so many memories in my mind, it always brings about waves of nostalgia. This photo makes me think back to where it all started… this “Periphery career” that came to be while chasing my dreams and how it’s evolved over the years. I say “Periphery career” because at the same time I was simultaneously honing my skills as a Nurse. This “Periphery career” of hair model, to commercial print model, to commercial actor, to radio VoiceOver, to TV actor, to now… emerging Screenwriter. The juxtaposition of these careers allow me to appease both my left & my right brain.

For a couple years I kept my actor life extremely quiet around my nursing life… disclosure: both times that I travelled with Ethan to California for training & networking it was for both of us, not only for him.

I kept it all so quiet, maybe it was fear of failing… but more so, it was fear of lack of support, the “why is she bothering, she’s too old, she has a good career?”. I admit, my intuition on the comments was bang on. Although it is unfortunate that we feel we must hide innate abilities and dreams due to fear of what others may think, I realize now that the negative chatter doesn’t really matter. SO if any of you reading this are thinking of following some dream but fear you have no one to speak of it to, I’m here for you, I’ll be your biggest cheerleader.

There came a time when I couldn’t hide my “Periphery career” any longer - I was cast in the Knorr Family as Mom. How fitting, a mom who loves to cook. When the commercials started to air, they aired ALOT. We weren’t streaming yet, so if you were watching TV, those commercials were popping up at every break. I’ll never forget my first nursing colleague who said to me “ok so this is weird, I fell asleep watching TV last night & at 3am your voice was in my bedroom waking me up! WTH?”. Not sure if she remembers this conversation, but if she does, she needs to know that it opened a little door inside of me that allowed me to feel a bit safe to share my “Periphery” world with my Nursing world. Her beaming smile was so pure. Thank you for that. Opening that door provided me with support from people that I would’ve never imagined and I am grateful.

So follow your dreams, no matter how big or how small because the only people who fail, are those who never try. WE have OUR dreams for a reason… believe me, it’s so much better when you chase them.


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