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Periphery of a Supergirl

That's what one of my oldest and dearest friends called me today,


And not because of my two decade long occupation.

Although that has been a thing over the past couple of years.

And not because I broke some record in a challenge or excelled at an event.

And she didn't say it to boost my ego.

She said it



of my "Father Day Trigger" blog

from two days ago.

She knows the wall that I broke through to write that.

A wall that I spontaneously broke through,

without plan



She also told me that she was proud of me.

I sat with that for a bit...

and still sit with it now,

the warmth of that feeling.

She's a tough cookie.

And for her to voice her pride in me,

for just being me...

that fills my heart.

She also told me

that I have come a long way...

boy oh boy,

does this girl truly know me.

She has known me longer than a way back throwback.

There have been so many times

that I struggled through so many tough



and felt I couldn't

or just didn't say anything

to anyone.

I felt that I needed to hustle through


Whether it was fear or shame or pride or who knows what,

she was always there...

in the periphery.

And she would've been beside me,

if I had made it known that I needed her.

That I know.

WE shift

and change

and evolve

and regress

then make a run at it again...

and evolve some more.

And now

at the end of the day

what matters to me

is the comfort

of knowing

that no matter what

I have people who truly know me

and love me.

Not what I do for a living,

nor the things I have

or the places I've been.

They don't love me for what I can give them

or what I can do for them.

They just love me

for me.

That's the stuff that pulls us through.

blo... xo

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