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Pet Peeves

Today is Day Sixty One...

I'm keeping this going, Only 304 Days after today.

THAT's a LOT of Writing.

I need to get creative & silly.

As I mentioned before, I like numbers.

SO today is Day 61.




Seven is a Famously Lucky Number, it's not my lucky number, but it's still a good number. Or at least that's what "they" say.

So as I sit here on the fly, thinking of the number 7.... instinctively the 7 things that I love with all of my heart come to mind. And I can also think of 7 things that make me happy, but what about 7 of my Pet Peeves? How easily can those things come to mind?

I'm going to give myself 7 minutes to come up with 7 Pet Peeves... so set the clock, Seven minutes only, don't cheat! Start... Now!

Number 1 - People eating with their mouth open so I can see their partially chewed food.

Number 2 - Zoom meetings with a participant constantly chewing gum open mouthed so wide that I have to put a Post-It note on the screen. (shhh...)

Number 3 - C- PAP blowing in my face at night!

Number 4 - C- PAP Darth Vader breathing soundtrack waking me up in the middle of the night!

Number 5 - People who fart and make a dumb joke that is was a duck. Like, I don't get it, we're not even outside.

Clock is ticking!!!!

Number 6 - Spam. Why? I mean in the can, not the email.

Number 7 - Thick long toe nails. (If you know, you know.)

OK. I did it. 7 spontaneous Pet Peeves in 7 Minutes.

Will be my same Pet Peeves another Day? Who knows, moods change, irritation changes, but somethings will never change... like the open mouthed eating & the duck farts.

Did you Set your clock for 7 Minutes and list your 7?

Happy Pet Peeving


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