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I'm a Pisces, and what I read or know about my sign is so... Me.

Empathetic. Check.

In touch with their emotions. Check.

Creative. Check.

Pisces have strong imaginations & can be known as dreamers ~ which is ok with me, it's helpful when pursuing things like... acting or writing. And Pisces are not always bound by logic, again, helpful when chasing an art form.

The logic that I am bound by this evening is my body telling me that it is exhausted.

Having had very little sleep over the past three nights AND knowing I have to wake early for a long day at work, I am going to honour myself and those that I will care for tomorrow and try to get some sleep.

I know over these last two evenings I have not been overly expressive with my creative side... not very Pisces of me. But sometimes life really does just get in the way. My apologies for that.

But stick with me, I'm bound to come back around.

Nighty night

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