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Retro & Current

Our last house was built in the 1980’s.

And it was a home.

WE loved it there.

We Grew there.

Made many memories there.

It had four bathrooms.

Originally with vanities that connected to the walls.

Originally I loved.

But As styles change,

and we aged,

Our Tastes changed.

And I started to dislikes those cabinets.

At the end of 2020 we moved into our current home.

Brand new.

Sparkly & Shiny.



Smart floor plan.

Intuitive design.

And the bathroom vanities,

they Do Not connect to the walls.

Previous Decor irritation eliminated.

But instead they have this micro sized space ~

Between the cabinet & the wall.

(That you can see in the photo.)

But How the fak do I effectively dust & clean in that space?!

P.S. I'm losing my mind in the chip in the black paint from the Dyson.

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