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Rom Com

My husband went to bed incredibly early this evening.

I sat in the quiet with my thoughts.

Well, sat in my thoughts with Elvis singing Christmas songs quietly in the background.

I peacefully sat looking at the twinkly lights on the Christmas Tree.


Or perhaps it was me just staring in a trance of exhaustion.

Either way,

I spied with my little eye that the TV remote sat unguarded.

And I had a thought!

I'd find some light hearted Christmas-y Rom Com to get lost in.

Some big cheesy sappy love story.

One that would never normally air on our Big screen TV at this early hour of the night.

I easily chose one.

Nextflix Top 10 list makes it easy to do so.

Five minutes in, or maybe it was seven, my phone rang...

Three plus hour phone convos with my bestie are everything.

And Three hour phone convos with my bestie

are also the reason

that I have no time or words to sit here and write anything else tonight.

I'll watch that Rom Com another time

because tonight

I already got my fill of sap, comedy & love.


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