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Saturday 198

This is blog post

One Hundred and Ninety Eight

One hundred and Ninety Eight times

I've come here -

well it's actually 199

I wrote twice in one day,

back in May.

So, its been

One Hundred & Ninety Eight days

of coming here

to write...



perhaps even

a little bit of nothing.

And Sometimes

it's been a lot

of heart

and raw

authentic truth.

But I've always been consistent.

That counts for something.

This undertaking

has been a big one.

It might sound easy

but it isn't

well, not always.

Sometimes thoughts flow

like a good conversation.

Those are the easy days.

Other times

my thoughts

are a bit...


Especially on days

when my thoughts

are laser focused

on a script


I'm in the midst of writing.

Like today.

Two scripts actually.

Two that I'm eager to edit

and shift around

and polish.

And it's all that I can think about this morning.

But I'm here.

Committing to me.

Because its the little consistent steps

that turn into

the BIG steps.

Showing up

for Me ~

stepping toward

the shifts and changes

that I want to make...

for Me.

I hope that you


show up

for You.

I hope that You

Commit to your


and goals

and chase them


You're worth it.

I'm learning that I am too.


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