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Saturday Vibes

Since I started this blog, one thing that has become increasingly known to me is that so many people are feeling unsettled in life.

This blog has seemingly opened a doorway that has allowed people to reach out to me. And I love every time that it happens.

People reach out to share their want and need to try out something different in life. Their desire and fear to deviate from the expected "normal" path.

They share their desire to make a huge shift in their life, like I am doing.

I am grateful that I am a person that said people have reached out to...

because they know I won't think they are "crazy".

In fact, isn't "crazier" to say stuck in something that is filling you with toxic energy?

How sad is it that as grown individuals, we often don't feel that we can share our dreams.

I'm so thrilled to have been the listening ears of so many others dreams.

If this blog becomes a catalyst for even one person to face their fears and chase their goals...

well, how magical would that be?!

The other day someone said "blogs are so yesterday".

Good thing that I am no longer in high school, or those words may have bothered me.

Cheers to all you dream chasers, life lane shifters and path deviators.

I wish you much luck and success!

Shine on!



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