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transforming, evolving, growth...

is a process

The amazing thing is that once you start doing it,

expressing it,

sharing it...

you are divinely bought together

with all of the amazing people who are in the same boat.

People in the same water of seeking more.

Some are drifting,

some are paddling,

some are floating on their backs,

and some are full on rowing the oars with all of their strength.

All seeking the goal of catching their dreams.

It's not the speed of capturing it that makes you successful.

It's that you're actually out there working at it.

How many people can say that?

And How many people who are not, criticize those who are?

And when you converse with same minded people, whose egos do not get In their own way,

they cheer you on because you want more

strive for more

want to be more...

then you already are.

And not in the material way.

Not in the name brand junkie kinda way.

But it the deep purposeful way of becoming what you have always known you were destined to be.

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