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Silly Sonnet

An Ode to MY Pixie

Is it foolish the amount of time you occupy in my mind?

It’s Not ironic, since you literally occupy the space on my head.

When I look in the mirror without you,

I always try to be kind.

But Are you my cute Pixie forever gone & dead?

We’ve been through this cycle a few times over the years.

I love you, then I’m bored of you and I must let you go.

So I did it, I grew you out, I put down the shears.

But this hair, a “bob”, ugh, do I still let it grow?

Some may say, does it really matter, come on, it’s just hair.

But you don’t get it, it’s real, It’s My self esteem on trial.

SO It matters to me, this dilemma is not Fair!

Or Perhaps it’s my just my Vanity that may be in denial.

I keep trying to grow away from you, but no hair happiness do I seem to find.

I look at pictures and wonder, should I just rewind?


Feeling silly, creative and a bit poetic on this holiday which finds me without classes or a shift to work.

So with a bit if free time, I had to get up to something!

Have a Fabulous Family Day!


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