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Updated: Mar 18

There’s a lot that can be said about having literally nothing to do and nowhere to be.

I mean, in the bigger scheme of life there are probably things that I can be doing.

But In this present moment,

I am just being present.

Present to the idea that I literally have nowhere else to be except for right here,

with myself.

With my thoughts.

Far away from Home.

But yet feeling at Home.

This blank space of lack of expectations from anyone,

in this precise moment,

allows for a subtle softening of my shoulders.

An openness of thought.

A moment of reflection.

Reflection of where I’ve been,

where I am

and where I want to go.

The freedom in this moment of just ‘Being’ brings me to an inspirational space within myself.

A creative space.

A space free from fear of the future.

Free from worry.

Free from sadness or grief.

Or pain.

It allows me to give in to my instinctive space of internal calm & groundedness.

A space that allows for me to truly enjoy my own company.

How many people can say that they enjoy being alone in their own thoughts?

Being alone with their own company?

I can.

And because of that I can say that I am blessed.

What an incredible space to be in.

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