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St Valentines Day

Remember that Your One & Only should be showing you love EVERYDAY, not only today.

But, with that being said...

who doesn't love a little extra pampering & attention for no other reason other than the date on the calendar of FEBRUARY 14th.

Candy, chocolates, special dinner, good wine, champagne, stuffed toys, cards, flowers...all of the token Valentine gifts can really be so sweet.

Or tacky.

Depends on your perspective. Or the sentiment.

SO take the evening to give love, show love, receive love, be love.

Even if it's just to take a bit of extra time for some self-love.

Pamper yourself, be pampered.

Make it special In your own way.

I mean why not, this somewhat Tacky, often Cheesy, potentially Sleazy holiday demands it of you.



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