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Stream of Consciousness

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Day Two of Term Two complete! It’s hard getting back into the groove after the winter break, but today seemed to fly by.

We did a writing exercise this morning that I hope some of you will try out. And even more so, I’d love if you’d share your experiences of doing so with me. (You can contact me direct through this webpage!) I have to admit, I’ve done this exercise before, in various other classes & a few different platforms. The end result is never the same, and no result is ever wrong. That’s part of the beauty.

It’s called Stream of Consciousness Writing.

Sit with your pen and paper, if you’re Old School like me, or with your keyboard if you’re not. Decide upon a specific amount of time. Set a timer. Take a deep breath… Just breathe. And then, just start. Write whatever comes to your mind. Don’t try to “think” of anything to write. And don’t second guess yourself. Just spit out onto the paper whatever comes to your mind. Don’t question what you’ve scribbled on the page and don’t re-read as you go. Just breathe. And Just write. It doesn’t have to make sense or even be grammatically correct. Just let it flow.

(I’ve done this exercise after a deep meditation in the past… it’s kind of wild what your brain spits out. I totally reccommend!)

So, I’m going to go out on a limb, because really, that’s what this blog is all about. I’m going to share with you, my Stream of Consciousness writing brain from this morning…..

My grandmother has been weighing heavily on my mind this morning. I’m not sure why? Maybe she’s here with me at this moment. Not physically of course. Or is she? She was 94 when she passed. Ninety Four. F*ck that’s old. She must’ve suffered in ways that she kept to herself, in ways we couldn’t have known. Aging sucks. Too many memories for old people to hold onto - no wonder they become forgetful. My husband can be super forgetful - it’s irritating. I know I’m not supposed to say that, but there it is… These grapes are cold on my teeth. Weird how our teeth are the strongest substance in our body. Bad breath is the worst. Post sleep breath is atrocious. Why is that? I mean, I know why that is, but why must that be? And come-on television, you’re not fooling anyone when you portray someone waking up and full on kissing the person beside them! Not real. Not happening. Not with real world morning breath. Why must things smell so bad? What if I couldn’t smell anything? Then I’d complain about that. Am I ever content? I think so. I am right now. Watermelon… what I would give to have fresh water melon. And sunshine. Hot sunshine and cool fresh watermelon. And a beach. And…

Times Up.


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