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Thanksgiving Monday

The real holiday.

The actual holiday.

Which we call Thanksgiving Monday.

But in all reality,

it's just 'Thanksgiving'.

I don't know where this two-for type of holiday tradition started.

But it always made sharing the holiday with my family and my in-laws much easier.

We always had two sides to visit with my family, so any holiday could get a little hectic trying to split ourlselves three ways. More often than not someone probably felt a little left out and more times than not we'd spend the holiday feeling guilty that we couldn't split ourselves in three ways. And then as if that wasn't enough, with both my husband and I in professions that work 24/7 no matter what the date, just added an additional curve ball to attempt to see all families on the one day. Layer on the guilt. I don't if anyone ever considered how emotionally hard it is for the parent who is at work missing the holiday? But that's a story for another day.

So anyhoo, the two-for Thanksgiving always worked for us. I'm all for it.

But Over the last fews years it hasn't posed to be much of a challenge ~ my mother lives on one side of the country, my in-laws live on the other side.

And as I've mentioned on more than one occasion ~ our son lives across the country as well.

So for us today is just a day of gathering recuperation.

Although this day is supposed to be about all of the things that make me thankful ~ it’s making me super sentimental about all of the things that I miss.

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