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The 3rd

I once met a professional that introduced himself as "So & SO The Third".

Interesting fellow.

But not the reason that I write this.

Today is the 3rd of August.

My husbands birthday.

Also, my mom & step days' wedding anniversary...

sadly he passed away at a very young age in 1994.

My husband & I have a lot of little similar connections.

Weird little things like...

living on the same street for years,

seven houses apart

but never meeting each other

until we both had moved out

of our parents homes.

Once we made the connection

I was flooded with memories of my stepdad

talking about 'the guy'

from up the street

who always drove too fast

past our house

on his motorcycle.

He was all "you're the one who drives that car?!"

I had a super cute little sports car.

And the first time I met his brother

at his parents

he burst out "I know you! I used to watch you wash your car!"

Eeek Too Much Information ~ but his brother is sometimes filter-less.

That was followed up with

"I used to tell So & SO that I was going to marry you! I knew I hadn't even met you but still, I told him I was going to".

I think my husband may have been flattered by this

or at least his sibling rivalry ego was.

Me... the jury is still out.

And other little things like

how my fathers birthday is August 11th

and his fathers in August 10th.

That both fathers have the very same first and middle names

but just in reverse order.

These are just a few

of the many little cosmic things

that brought our paths together...

and the reasons I get to celebrate his birth

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