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Updated: Jun 8, 2022

As we age

or perhaps it's

as we

evolve and grow,


or at the very least


learn a lot about things.

The things that I appreciate

the most,

the things

that I need,

have nothing

to do with being

shiny objects.

I'd be lying if I said I was never into shiny things.

Because I was.

If I look back at all of the money I spent on "things"

over decades

it makes me really nauseated.

But we grow

Or at the very least

I hope as we strive to grow

We see that shiny things become quite dull.

And for quite some time now

None of the things

that touch my soul

carry any monetary value.

I sat with a respected professional today

who gave me

an hour & a half of their day.

A chunk of time of

undivided attention

to discuss





my script.

They gave me their time.

Of all things that we want and need

Time is often the most important one of them all.

It's the one thing that we can never get back

The one thing we can never replace or exchange

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