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This Sh-Stuff is Bananas

I’m in a half awake

half asleep

Feverish stupor.

These weird thoughts are coming to my mind.

Like Banana Clips -

I chalk this up to my banana popsicle craving.

But do you

Remember Banana Clips?

Alyssa Milano used to wear one on ‘Who’s The Boss’.

And I loved it!

But I didn’t have her thick hair.

At least it looked thick.

Now knowing how TV works,

Maybe it was a hair piece?

And I didn’t have her curl ~

Although I did have a perm.

Or her hair products.

Or her hair stylist.

So It Never looked the same.

Not even close.

No poof on top.

No Mall Bangs.

No back of the head full faux hawk.

Just limp straggles.

My banana clip

would just slide out of my fine hair.

Which now looking back

was a saving grace,

Because banana clips were never actually

a good look.

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