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Updated: Jul 1, 2022

I started off the long weekend a day early

visiting with an old friend.

We haven't gotten together

in such a long time

that I'm embarrassed to say

how much time has actually passed.

But when we sat together

it was as if no time had passed at all.

But it has.

So we had much to talk about.

Much to share.

Some Tears.

Much Laughter.

All the feels were felt.

We listened to a throwback playlist

We talked about the past

the present

and plans for the future.






It's amazing to sit for hours

conversing with a like minded soul

and not just listening,

but hearing the other person


sincerely lifting each other up.

REal RAW conversation.

Authentic love.

Genuine hope.

We re-connected.

And newly connected.

And sometimes the simplest words

are the strongest words...

"I See You"

she said.

My friend I See You too.


P.S. When it came time to upload a photo to this post, I realized we had not taken one photo. Not even one selfie. In fact, we never touched our phones... for hourS. Talk about being present. Kudos to us.

So I decided to post a photo that we had talked about at one point during the day.

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