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It was Two years ago in May that we adopted the most beautiful and soulful dog Hazel.

It happened so quickly, unbelievably quickly but that’s just because it was meant to be.

Little did we know, she was carrying a litter of six puppies.

They arrived about 7 weeks later.

Tomorrow is two years since that day.

That day we were met with excitement, then fear & death & grief & worry & utter exhaustion. Something apparently so natural became a life threatening & life ending situation.

Four of the six puppies survived the birth. We said good bye to Desmond & Lucy that day. But not without extreme sadness.

Hazel rallied from her emergency Caesarean section, not without complications but with a lot of love & affection.

So tomorrow our hearts & minds will be Wishing a

Happy Second Birthday!


Eleanor, Rigby, Molly & Prudence.

Your presence in our lives filled our hearts and stories of you always fill our home.

P.S. The puppies were born on our sons birthday ~ the first birthday he had spent away from us in his new home across the county. I think the timing of their births was also meant to be.

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