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Transformation Tuesday & Little Things

I feel it.

You know, the change that internally occurs when you seek out to do something.

And I don't mean the physical change, although that might be happening in my brain...

rewiring, chemical reactions of hormones etc

But what I'm referring to is the transformation that occurs emotionally, when you've been conquering a goal.

Going back to school full time, after many years of working in two diverse professions has been a challenge. Fun, exciting, filled with contentment but also really hard work.

I am more than half way through my program.

And that feels great!

Knowing all that I have learned in this amount of time, makes me excited to see what else is to come.

Some people don't get it.

Going back to school this late in life...

switching lanes from an established career.

Perhaps more people don't get it, than people that do.

And that's ok.

SO thank you to all of you that have checked in on this College gal from time to time,

and of course to those of you who do it so consistently,

Your encouragement and Support has greatly touched my heart and will always be something I cherish.

It's the little things that mean so much.



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