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Tuesday - A day of the week that doesn't carry a lot of weight.

It doesn't hold the optimism or on the flip side, the potential gloom that Monday does.

It doesn't hold the mid-week "yahoo! we got over the 'hump', we're half way through the week!" like Wednesday does.

Which leads me to.... why are we fighting to get through the week?

What have we chosen so wrongly in our lives that makes us want to race through it?

I've heard so many times "I just want to get this week over with."

But Shouldn't we be enjoying everyday?

And if not.... shouldn't we sit back and question, what would make me happy?

What key change in out lives would help us to enjoy every day?

What do I really want to do with my life?

Because I'm pretty sure none of us would ever answer with this:

"Oh me, I just want to race through and get it over with."

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