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Two Down... Well, almost.

Term two is almost complete!

I can hardly believe it.

I'm sure it contributed in part to my sentimental mood yesterday.

One of my favourite courses ended.

As did another one of my fav's today.

So, four out of six classes are officially complete!

And to be honest, It's a little bitter sweet.

I've met some really remarkable people since September.

I've spend many hours in their presence,

learning from them,

sharing with them,

growing in front of them.

And now the road branches away from some of them.

To further explain, my post grad program consists of myself and six other students.

We're a small little group, so it's pretty intimate.

We've had the same six professors since the programs beginning in September.

And now, heading into the final thesis term, only three of them remain our mentors.

Sometimes it's tough to say "see you later".

This journey has been an interesting one so far.

Sometimes I still can't wrap my head around the fact that I'm a full time student.

At this rate, I think the program may come to an end before I fully grasp the concept.

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