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Two Siblings

My brother and I are the only children of our parents.

Two of us.

Just Two siblings.

Tomorrow morning he flies home


Vancouver Island


As we sat in the back yard this evening

it was if no time has past

I mean, we did see him in May

when we visited the island

but that's not what I meant

On a deeper level

it's as if no time ever passes

our connection

our sibling-ness

always remains preserved

If not enhanced

The thing that has changed

for the better

as we age

and both evolve

is the ability

to be more open


express our truths

without fear

So as we said see ya later

on the porch

this evening

and locked into a long

over extended hug ~

a rock filled my stomach

and my eyes stung with tears

Because the sad thing is

I don't know

the next time I'll see him


That part hurts.

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