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Victoria Weekend

This holiday weekend

will always be a reminder of my joy & appreciation

for the Amazing guy in the photo.

It is also my appreciation for our incredible healthcare system


healthcare Providers,

both which often go so unappreciated...

even more so over the past couple of years.

On This holiday weekend,

years ago,

this guy tried WAY too hard to come into this world 10 weeks too soon,

putting us both in a critical situation.

All the while,

my husband was away on a fishing trip.

Oblivious to the situation.

Happily enjoying the long weekend away from everyday life.

This was before the time of cell phone reception

actually being a thing

while camping

on a little lake

far, far Up North.

So I was often


While fighting an emotional and medical battle.

Repetitive Story of my life.

But the little old soul in this photo,

he fought SO hard to persevere

and ~

so did I.

And we did.

I think that is where our cohesive intuitive bond began.

I was so proud of him then


I am so very proud of him now ~

for the man he has grown up to be.

Back then it seemed like he just couldn't wait

to make his way into this world


I'd say

he's been doing a pretty great job

of making his mark

in this world

thus far!

Happy ALMOST Birthday to my boy.

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