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Happy "Hump-Day"!

Mid way through the week day!

Woo Hoo!

This week of entries seems to have taken on a theme. If you haven't read the last two blog entries for Monday & Tuesday of this week; STOP!

Go back, read those, and then return here.

I'll wait......

Welcome back.

SO it's mid week celebration day!

Phew! Half way through!

BUT why?

Why are we woo hoo-ing?

Why are we racing?

I mean I get the occasional ho hum of being a bit tired and wanting a week end break - but every week?

If this is your EVERY week, or nearly EVERY week, you need to ask yourself why?

Why are you unhappy?

THAT is NOT how life is supposed to be.

WE should be enjoying what we do.

NOT feel as if we're being punished by it.

I've met a lot if inspiring people as of late who love what they do.

They LOVE their jobs.

They LOVE going to work.

They know how to shut if off when the work day is done to enjoy their life and families,

BUT they wake up HAPPY the next day to ENJOY doing it all again.

Let's be those people.

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