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Wednesday Wisdom

Do you ever feel like you have nothing to say?

And then at other times you feel as if you've said too much?

Or what you've said, you know has been misinterpreted or that you really didn't articulate your words the way that you intended?

What's that saying, something about the words not coming out right?

Like your thoughts, your feelings and your words just didn't mesh up.

I felt all of those things today.

Thought I could've said more.

Thought I should've said less.

Thought the too much of what I said was not how I intended to be or sound.

Thought the words just didn't come out right.

One thing about words, you can't take them back.

Another thing...

Our words have the strength to be weapons or the salve that heal wounds.

My wisdom as I shut down for the night, to myself & to anyone who may read this...

Be the salve.

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