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Windy City

On a whim the morning of my last blog post, I had entered my Feature Film Script into the Chicago Indie Film Awards. It was a spontaneous decision in the final moments of the contest being open to submissions. It seems the Windy City has accepted my words with a warm embrace because the only wind I feel at this moment, is the wind at my back.

My Feature Film 12 HOURS won BEST SCRIPT!

I wrote a post on IG this morning which I will share here...

#SelfPromote they say, it’s what you need to do. Be proud of your #accolades ~ show them off, put them out there for the world to see. Social media, magazines, newspaper, podcast, YouTube or by any other means possible. Self Promote.

It’s not gloating, it’s #hustling. It’s passion. It’s pride. It’s a necessity.

Your self promotion does not dim anyone else’s light, it just allows yours to #shine.

How is anyone who is anyone in the biz ever going to know you exist or that you’re passionate about your work if you don’t show as much belief in yourself as the film festivals & screenwriting competitions who applaud you?

ScreenWriting isn’t only about the #writing, it’s hugely also about the hustle & grind. The enormous amount of #networking…. which for the #writer who writes alone, may be a struggle. It’s hard work for a multitude of reasons.

According to Merriam-Webster

‘Self Promotion

: the act of furthering one's own growth, advancement, or prosperity.’

I’m all for furthering my #growth, advancement & prosperity!

So here I am posting my most recent award with fierce #pride.

#Chicago Indie Film Awards


My script was selected as THE Best Script!

It’s something.

It really Is Something!

So thank you to the wonderful souls who went out of their way to remind me of that over the past couple of days. You warm my heart and help me see even more clearly how truly beautiful this is.

Not too Shabby for a #newbie #film writer 📝

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