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Wisdom on a Wednesday

I had a friend send me a quote today.

She read it

and thought of me...

"You are only

able to meet others

as deeply as

you've met yourself"

Wise words.

And touching really.

I've done a lot of work

getting to know my deepest parts

and it's more than nice

to be recognized for it.

It's more than nice to be seen.

It's wonderful to have a kinship


not only

is something like this acknowledged

but celebrated.

Which led me

to respond later in the day

with two little quotes

that made me think of her

and of myself...

"...Go where you

are celebrated..."

(IG: wordsofajay)


"It's never too late to change the narrative.

Visualize a new life and watch it unfold!"


These little words of encouragement

and support

is what true



and friendship

is all about.

Those who build each other up...

Those are my kinda people.

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