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Wise Woman Wednesday

My Thesis term started today.

Well actually, it began last week.

But for me, it began today.

I took a pass last week.

I was visiting the West Coast of Canada

Beautiful Vancouver Island

Living in gratitude of some long over due family time

And long over due down time.

So today was my first class.

We're now

a collective group

of two Post Grad Classes

melded into one.

And it was great!

Great Vibes

Great Conversation

Great Minds

Great Insight

I'm excited for where this is going

Before I came here

I read a post on IG

by Viola Davis

She's a wise woman.

She inspires me.

I posted the words here in the cover image.

But I'll type them here as well.

It reads:

"Some people are never going to clap for you. Win Anyway."

I'm declaring this as the motto that I'm carrying with me through this final term.

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