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Woman Parts

Hot topic, yeah?

A woman's body.

Everyone feels they have the right to discuss it.


Too skinny

too fat

too tall

too short

too skanky

too prudish

too slutty

too uptight

Having a uterus

for some bizarre reason

gives people open forum on who we are

who we should be

what we should do


how we should do it.

I call bullshit.

I spent much of my life feeling ashamed for the young age that I became a mother.

How sad is that?!

Being a mom is the most amazing gift that I have ever received in this life.

But so many times my pride and joy was stifled.

Not because of my internal thoughts


because of the external voices of others.

(refer to yesterdays blog post for more on that topic)

Shame is a very heavy burden to carry.

Especially when it's loaded onto your back by external sources.

I still see it today

Hear it today

Not directed toward me

But directed toward other young moms

Peoples judgments

and opinions...

And if you're one of those people,

who judges - consistently,

remove yourself

from the straddle

of your metaphorical horse

for just a moment.


Ask yourself...

Who are you to judge?

Really ~ who are you?

Are you a great mom because you were older when you had your kids?

And I'm not talking about the material things

I'm talking about being a GOOD mom.

Giving your kids

all of the emotional things that they need.

Mind, body and soul stuff.


Are you a good mom?

If so,

Are you a good mom because of the age that you had your children?


has it more to do with the person that you are and

the love that you give?

Is it,

The non judgmental way in which you raise your children.

The peace and joy that you try to fill up their hearts with,

the strength you encourage them to discover within their own souls.

Those thing make a good mom, and there is no age requirement assigned to that stuff.

Sure, there are struggles.

I'm not naive,


If anyone knows the struggles of being a young parent it's me.

The real struggles that other people don't even consider or acknowledge.

BUT are there not struggles with parenting at any age?

Just because You did it one way,

doesn't mean it's the right way

or the Only way.

So let's just Raise each other Up.


No one is perfect.

The thing is,

for me.

If I hadn't been young when I had my kids,

I wouldn't have them at all.

This amazing organ

that gives us the ability

to house our children

within are bodies...

was taken out of mine at the age of twenty eight.

Crazy, right.

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