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You've Got Dreams

'You've got dreams to chase, Not people to impress.'

I read that phrase earlier today, and it's still sitting with me.

Chasing dreams is hard.

Giving something up, changing to do something else, is hard.

Putting aside all of the time and the effort.

Talking away your self doubt.

Rewiring your brain to something new.

And then...

Doing it without justification.

Doing it without explanation.

Just going out and doing it.

It's hard.

I've been explaining most of my choices, at length, all of my life.

It's a hard habit to break.

But I'm learning how to do it.

Which brings me to this... You can share without motive, without a need to impress.

Sometimes chasing your dreams brings a flicker of light for someone else to chase their own.

I received the sweetest heart warming message today. It was long and eloquent and beautiful, and the only part that I'll share with you is the final thought left in the message...

"You truly are an inspiration to myself and I'm sure many more people."

The timing of this message was serendipitous.

So thank you so much to the lovely soul who sent me these words.

Chasing my dream is hard, and support like yours makes it that much easier.

much love


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Jan 19, 2022

I would have to agree , you are an inspiration!!!! You have an amazing ability to move people with words!!!!

Jodi J Morneau
Jodi J Morneau
Jan 19, 2022
Replying to

Awww Thank you so much for this, it Inspires me to keep writing.

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