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Zippity Frickin DO Dah

This is a line that that I wrote today in a script. The words really mean nothing independently of each other, but together they paint a clever little picture. I think it's cute. You know what's not cute though? The bags under my eyes after being in front of this computer for the past eleven hours. Eleven hours and twenty two minutes to be exact.

You know what I realized today? I haven't been a full time student since I was nineteen. Gawd, that was such a VERY LONG time ago. I didn't even realize how long it had actually been. The realization is almost intimidating, but I'm in my second term, so no room for those thoughts! The last time I was a full time student was when I went to college for Dental Assisting. Oh ya, I went to school for that too. Then I went on to work in merchandising for Warner Bros. See - always a bit of Film & TV Industry combined with some type of healthcare. Two sides of me battling each other my entire adult life. But even when I went to nursing school, it wasn't full time.

After a three week festive holiday, this INTENSIVE week is crushing me. I mean, it's been totally energizing during the classes, it's interesting, intriguing, inspiring and exciting. Acting AND Writing in one class! Boom! AMAZING! But tonight, I'm spent. I need sleep.

Although I'm sure, once I crawl into bed, my second wind will kick in and I'll binge some Netflix or Apple TV for 'inspiration". And then I'll read a book. But for now, I'm going to steep a tea and settle in. Because truthfully my eyes can't handle this letters on this screen any longer today - I know, I know, what kind of blogger am I?

Do you empathize with me?

I wouldn't blame you if your response was 'Zippity Frickin Do dah'. :)



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