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2023 - A New Chapter - Rules & Resolutions

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

A New Year.

A New Chapter to this blog.

I'm not sure if it will be another 365 pages ~

but there will be pages.

I have some new goals that I've set for myself,

new aspirations,

new challenges,

all very time consuming...

so I'm giving myself the leeway to pick & chose when I come here to write.

The last 365 days,

the commitment to write 365 pages in that time frame

was a goal that I set for myself and tackled with full commitment.

And yesterday I reached the finish line.

Mission Accomplished.

But as I mentioned yesterday it was a feat.

There were days that I wrote

from a place of commitment,

not solely from my heart.

And it was reflected in my words.

I don't want this chapter to be about commitment,

only about heart.

So with the setting down of those new rules,

I'll move onto Resolutions.

I have never really been one for “New Year’s Resolutions”

& for the sake of continuity, I am still not.

I mean I did half-heartedly make them when I was younger

because it was the 'thing' to do.

Or the Peer Pressure,

someone saying "it's what you 'have' to do",

that sorta thing.

But I'm a grown up

and an independent thinker,

so I'm not making one.

And as I reflect back on the last year...


you've heard me reflect here in real time,

day by day,

throughout the year ~

so I'll stop at that.

No need for reflection.

And I am not making a resolution,

BUT I am making a New Year Vow.

The same one that I've made for the past two years.

I Vow to take not only A moment everyday,

but Many moments each & every day

to reconnect with the inner peace that I felt when I took this photo.

I mean, can you imagine the peace of being alone on a vacant beach at 6:53am in Cabo.

Watching the sun rise.

Latte in hand.

Only the sound of waves.


No matter how negative the environment or how toxic the energy ~ I vow to do my best to not let the negativity spill onto me.

Because I know that is a part of someone else’s journey, not mine.

And No matter what obstacles or intensities or struggles appear on my path,

I vow to myself to find the peace within, that I felt when taking this photo.

Now I hope you'll take a moment to Vow something to yourself.


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