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TGIF is a real thing!

I'm not sure sure if its the long week

or the work load

or the monotony life

or the loss of sleep throughout the week days

or a combination of it all

but at the week's end...

I am spent.

I know I'm not the only one who feels this way.

And I know that I am not "old",

but I question if age is a contributing factor?

I mean it has to be.

I no longer have the desire

or drive

to kick up my heels on a Friday night

onto anything other than my couch.

P.S. The picture attached to this post is a polaroid snapped On Set of a Commercial shoot a few years ago.

I was practically lifted into these shoes by crew members, then I couldn't even move from the place where I stood. I also had a sprained ankle from a Scorpion pose yoga injury. Yep I'm a klutz. Anyhoodles, it was a challenge to stand up right to say the least! #greatmemories

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Tina Hardwell
Tina Hardwell
Dec 13, 2022

Yikes! That would be a challenging shoot. Hope you got it all in ONE TAKE. I feel differently about weekends now too. I don't have the energy to dress up and go on a date with my partner. Covid taught us both that we prefer his cooking and we don't really enjoy dressing up as much as are thought we did. Our new challenge is filling that time with things we both enjoy that don't exhaust us any further. 😆

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