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Updated: Jun 26, 2022

… photo sits on my night table

A photo that I look at when I wake

And when I go to sleep.

It was a gift.

And not only the photo and the frame.

But the memory.

I remember the moment

that I snapped this photo


these two tremendous souls

as we were about

to board a plane


Fly away to a tropical vacation

I look at this photo

And my hearts bursts with love

And then

My eyes burst with tears

Not every time

But at this moment

Was I enough for them?

Did I do right by them?

Could I have done better?

And I have regrets,

I wish I’d done some things


We all do.

And I call bullshit if you say that you do not


NONE Of us are perfect parents

All of us look back

at some moments

And wish

time could’ve stood still

I Wake every day


Go to sleep every night

Wishing nothing but the absolute


For these two

Wishing them all the love

And joy

And happiness

That they’re beautiful hearts need

And want

And deserve

And more

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