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Another One

Another International Day.

Although it seems there is one almost every day.

This is another,

like earlier in the week,

that I must acknowledge.

International Son Day.

I mentioned on International Daughter Day

that I have the opportunity to show my daughter my love for her everyday.

With my son,

it's not the same.

He lives across the country.

And We are so proud of how he's chasing & crushing his goals!

But, I can't just hug him whenever I want to.

Face time is great tool.

And we talk & text everyday.

But a hug,

a meal together,

face to face conversation,

no amount of data that we use could ever make up for that.

I miss him.

Time doesn't make it easier.

I don't know how parents do this,

with ease.

I do it with grace,

but it isn't easy.

Happy International Son Day

to my one and only.


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