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Another Sappy Sunday

Although, it didn’t start out that way.

I woke up early with the sun.

Ground my coffee beans.

Savoured my Sunday coffee.

Took my time.

I went to work before 8 am.

Listened to wonderful tunes

during the country road drive.

I Sang along.

Not another car in sight.

I worked with a colleague that I’ve known

for nearly 20 years

We’ve worked in various departments together

Have seen each other through various transitions

Can often finish each others sentences

Are able to speak our truth

It was a Good Day

And even so

A few hours after

I arrived home

I cried


I’ve seen a lot of death

A lot of trauma

A lot of sadness

A lot of grieve


A lot of pain


I Was privileged enough

to be brought into the circle of care

of a patient

That at this very moment

My heart breaks for…

For them

For their family

Their lives


My heart hurts

for A stranger


Everyone who loves them

I do not bring my thoughts

of my occupation here


And never like this

But yeah,

I'm going there...

If you have ever thought that a nurse goes into the profession

“For the money” like I have heard so many times in the past,

You are wrong.


it is not that much money.

Not for what we see and the challenges that we face.


There is no amount of money

that could ever bandaid the hurt

that our hearts feel

for the strangers that we care for.

There is No crutch

No splint

No walking cast

No surgery

That protects us

Or heals us

from the bruises of this profession

Our day does not end

when we take off the scrubs


when we leave the building

We go home


Think about you

Worry about you

Pray for you

Hope for you and

Cry for you

Our hearts our Big

Bruised perhaps

But BiG

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