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Updated: Dec 29, 2022

This Christmas was an overly quiet one for us.

Overly Quiet.

That seems like a juxtaposition of words.

I'm not going to write about how unwell this household is

and the sadness that we feel

missing the holiday

with the ones we love

because I'm sure it Is tiresome to read about.

So I'm switching gears.

When I was a kid I would occasionally watch the cartoon

The Jetsons.

I admit, it wasn't my favourite cartoon to watch.

But I didn't have a choice,

what was on the TV was on the TV.

The programming was set.

You either watched it or you didn't.

When I was a kid






we're not even a thing.

All of the things we take for granted today

did not exist.

The one thing that I did find fascinating

on The Jetsons

was the TV Screen Type Telephone.

The fact that Mrs.Jetson could ring someone

and see them on a screen when she spoke to them was fascinating to me.

I remember saying to my mom "Can you imagine if we could do that one day?!"

I'm happy to live in a time when that type of communication does actually exist.

On Christmas Day

we spoke with family on the West Coast,

and on the East Coast.

But not only did we speak with them,

we could see their faces,

their reactions

and their expressions

as we spoke.

We could see their smiles,

We could see their emotions

in their eyes.

And I know this isn't new technology

and people take it for granted

but I appreciate it more than I could ever put into words.

And not only did I get to see and hear the people I love most

from across the country,

I was able to do the same with a dear friend,

who is chosen family,

who lives only thirty minutes away.

It didn't matter to anyone that I was make-up free,

with hair undone


wearing simple pyjamas.

Although I did excuse myself for the way I looked.

And I did explain that I had in fact showered.

But I just proceeded to put on new pjs.

Because, Santa always brings new pyjamas.

You see, this is growth for me.

Overcoming the need to be put together.

The choice to not Miss Out on making a memory

because of the discomfort I feel

with the way that I look.

Because I've become wiser

and know that isn't what family and true friendship is all about.

It's about the connecting.


as much as you can

in whatever way you can.

And besides I am quite ill,

so I have that excuse.

Baby Steps.

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