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Hazel Eyes

We brought this girl home almost two years ago. Adopting her has been life changing, for so many reasons. I just came in the door from taking her for a walk, her happiness & appreciation is palpable. Her unconditional love is priceless.

I started thinking about the first night that we brought her home. Late at night after everyone else had gone to bed, I sat in the quiet stillness of the room with her. She lied on the carpet watching me. I sat down on the floor beside her. She had literally not left my side since we had brought her home. She had followed me everywhere. I was clearly her chosen person. And I realized in that moment that I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. As I wiped the raw skin of her tear-stained face, my heart began to break wide open. I could see similarities between our lives, and it filled me with such sadness. The lump in my throat made it difficult to speak, but this girl deserved to hear my words. I told her how very sorry I was for what she had experienced up to this point in her life. I told her how bad I felt for the hurt her body had been through. I let her know that we would protect her from any harm. I repeatedly told her that this was now her home. That we would forever be her family. I reassured her that she wasn’t a business to us, no more puppy mill madness. I told her that she was so beautiful and that that was the reason the others had made her have litter after litter. I let her know that I was sorry she didn’t have any of her babies with her, because I didn’t know if she missed them at all. I told her that she was now about to live her best life. I promised that all she would know from this point on is love. She really did seem to listen. She never broke her gaze from mine. Her eyes were so soulful, so engaged, human like. Or maybe even better than human.

She has been devoted since the moment she laid her Hazel eyes on us. And she will always receive the same in return.

We rescued her and without even knowing it, she rescued us.


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