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Paper Planes

Does anyone else do this?

Ask for a Paper Boarding Pass

to use as a bookmark?

I do this every time I travel.

Despite the fact that I book online

and use a plastic card to pay,

I want a paper boarding pass.

And yes,

I realize

it's paper.

And from a tree.

But it's already there,

sitting at the desk.

That process has already occurred.

Which I was absolutely no part of.

I'm re-purposing,

for more than the obvious reason

of a physical bookmark.

It's Tangible proof

of time spent


A physical connection

to the


And every night

when I open a book to read ~


even if I'm awake writing till 4am,

I still read someone else's words

before I close my eyes to sleep.

Or I'd probably never sleep.

Childhood habits die hard.

SO every night when I open a book to read,

I am greeted by a boarding pass.

Which then triggers my mind

to escape ~

to places I've been,

memories I cherish

and people that I love.

And my heart smiles,

No matter what space my mind was occupying

when I opened the book.

My mind, my heart, and inevitably my soul

arrive at a greater destination.

Try it.

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