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Pink Pop

Officially known as Cream Soda.

When I was around ten years old, maybe even younger, I was taught how to play Euchre

But it was never a game that I played with my friends because no one else knew how to play,

if they even knew the game existed at all.

You see my father, aunt & uncle always needed a fourth to sit in at the table and seeing as I was always lingering around them, unlike my brother or cousins ~ I became the fourth.

It's an interesting dynamic being taught how to play a card game at a table of adults. Being expected to play as well as an them. But it didn't take too long before I could because they taught me everything they knew.

I looked forward to these games. Sitting at the table totally engaged in this challenge of cards with adults and knowing that not only could I keep up but I could win! What a rush of pride for a little girl. I cherish those times in my memory.

And between hands, when my uncle would stand to take drink orders, mine would always be "A Pink Pop in a lowball glass". I mean something about my order needed to sound grown up when sitting at a grown up table.

Tonight my husband & I are heading to the Euchre table for a few matches with my father and my second mom. They always like to team us up as "the guys against the girls".

I wonder if my dad ever regrets teaching me everything he knew about the game?! ;)

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