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Saturday in Schenectady

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

We planned this weekend getaway well over four months ago.

Well, I planned it.

My husband listened & nodded with my plans.

Our son & his partner wished they could be with us,

while we wished the same.

Our daughter was kept in the dark ~

the surprise was for her birthday.

When our son & his partner were home for Christmas

we learned of Tyler Henry ~ Hollywood Medium.

When they returned home after the holidays

my daughter & I dove in to watching

the series

Life After Death with Tyler Henry.

We told my husband about it,

he listened & nodded.

We then read his books.

Again my husband listened & nodded as we rambled.

When the series was over for the season

and the books were read,

I felt intrigued to look up Tyler's website.

I saw he was going on tour ~

and that he would be in Schenectady

on our daughters birthday weekend

and the weekend after I finish my post grad program.

But where is Schenectady?

I'd heard of it, but wasn't sure where it is.

I put the address into google maps....

totally feasible drive!

I bought tickets.

Hence the road trip to Schenectady.

Before we went away for the weekend,

a co-worker asked where we were headed.

Surprised by my response,

she further asked ~

"Oh? What's Schenectady known for?"

My response... "Ugh (shrug) Nothing?"

The town is very quaint.

Our hotel provided beautiful scenery

backing onto the Mohawk River.

The restaurants are all owned and run by locals.

Each one unique.

No chain restaurants to be seen.

Everything we ate was delicious.

And fresh.

And made from scratch.

The absolute best.

Saturday evening was amazing.

The energy that Tyler brought to the stage

brought me to tears the moment he stepped onto it.

Our daughter shed tears a few times as well.

But the most unpredictable thing of the evening

was my husbands response to the entire event.

The shift of energy within him,

The way he sat enthralled with all that we were witnessing,


We all laughed out loud at times.

Tyler is not only gifted with his intuitive abilities,

he is also funny!

And as we walked to the car,

with light hearts


smiles on our faces ~

the way my husband expressed this desire to see Tyler again,

Truly amazing.

And the night ended with the most amazing words from our daughter ~

"It's pretty great getting older, every birthday just gets better and Better."

Followed by ~

"I wish Ethan & Cameron could be here."

So if you were to ask me now what Schenectady is known for,

I'd say

wonderful experiences,

lifelong memories


delicious family owned restaurants.

P.S. Oh & they sell Pumpkin Ale in August!

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